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Weekly Lunch Specials

Monday   -  Friday,  

10:00 am. - 3:00 p.m.

Chicken Salad Sandwich  $ 10.99
Served on rye bread with lettuce, tomato and a side of pasta salad
California Cheeseburger  $ 12.99
Served on a brioche bun with a side of french fries

Chicken Chipotle Quesadilla  $ 12.99
Chicken cooked in chipotle sauce with salsa and a side of pasta salad

California Chicken Cutlet Wrap  $ 12.99
With lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado, mayonnaise and a side of french fries

Stuffed Avocado   $ 12.99
Half chicken salad, half tuna salad topped with diced tomatoes, lettuce and red onion 
8" Homemade Pork Meatball Parm Sub   $  12.99
With jalapeno peppers and cilantro in a lite chipotle sauce with a side of french fries  
Grilled Asparagus in Proscuitto $  12.99
Asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, roasted peppers and  fresh mozzarella served over romaine
lettuce topped with balsamic glaze dressing
Chicken Francaise with Spinach and Cheese  $ 14.99
With fresh melted mozzarella over penne pasta
Blackened Salmon Casear Salad  $ 15.99


Italian Wedding  -  cup $ 4.99/bowl $ 5.99
Chicken Pastina   -  cup $ 4.99/bowl $ 5.99

                                                * NO SUBSTITUTIONS *